Freedivers are commonly lost for words when trying to recount the feeling of moving effortlessly underwater in one breath. One thing they all agree on is that freediving is addictive.

It's no surprise that freediving has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Freediving allows us to explore the beauty of the underwater world in one breath, the way nature intended, without being encumbered by or having to invest in expensive equipment. Freediving forces us to be present in the moment. When you slide underwater, your "land life" is put on hold, and the instant calming effect of a quiet mind becomes convincingly obvious. Not sure it's for you? From juniors to retirees, almost anyone can take an FII freediving course!

It's no wonder this rewarding sport continues to gain popularity. What many don't know, however, is that freediving is a skill-based sport. Through extensive instruction, your F.I.I. Certified Instructor can teach you in a matter of days what could take years to learn on your own. F.I.I. has identified the necessary core skills, which are then carefully implemented into the curriculum to offer students the most effective learning experience enabling them to freedive confidently and safely in a matter of days. Whether you are interested in swimming on the reef, freediving with dolphins, mastering the art of spearfishing, or the competitive aspects of the sport,  F.I.I. courses have trained thousands of freedivers worldwide and our proven freediving curriculum will have you freediving safely, and like a pro, in no time.

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