Recreational freediving is an ever-growing sport with expanding opportunities for highly trained professionals in all sectors. Stricter enforcement of city and state regulations on breath-hold-related training and activities has resulted in an increasing need for proof of recognized certified training for all participants. F.I.I. certifications are recognized worldwide as setting the industry standard on recreational freediving training.

Starting down the path of becoming an F.I.I. certified instructor is a highly challenging, but very rewarding experience. Candidates should possess a sincere passion for the sport of freediving/spearfishing and have a strong desire to share important freediving safety education with their community.

 Steps to becoming an F.I.I. Level 1 Freediving Instructor:

  • Attain the F.I.I. Level 1 Freediver certification
  • Attain the F.I.I. Advanced Freediving Safety certification
  • Attain the F.I.I. Assistant Instructor certification
  • Pass the F.I.I. Level 1 Freediving Instructor Examination

Upon successful achievement of “Active” teaching status, professionals have unlimited opportunities to pursue higher core course instructor ratings or diverge off into specialty course offerings, such as the Waterman Survival or Spearfishing program. F.I.I. encourages and supports continued education.

F.I.I. Instructors gain access to the following exclusive services:

  • Agency Support in your Teaching Business Operations
  • F.I.I. Freediving Professional Liability Insurance
  • Worldwide Exposure on the F.I.I. Instructor & Course Locator
  • Automated Online Student Certifying System
  • F.I.I. Teaching Aids and Materials
  • Personalized F.I.I. Instructor Online Portal (Manage your student database, list public courses, take payments & more)
  • On-going Training Support—Specialty Upgrades
  • Marketing Aids
  • Opportunities for Facility Growth
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