Verify Your F.I.I. Instructor

F.I.I. highly encourages everyone to verify their freediving instructor’s teaching credentials prior to committing to any course. By ensuring your instructor is a genuine F.I.I. certified instructor and of “Active” teaching status for the course offered, you will protect your investment in training and guarantee a quality learning experience supplemented with world-class student materials.

Upon successful course completion, F.I.I. students receive a proof of training certification card (both online and c-card). F.I.I. freediver certifications are recognized worldwide and grant access to further education, events, and trip opportunities.

Please verify your instructor below. Any questions may be directed via email to info@freedivinginstructors.com or by calling + 1 954 323 2222.

If you have not yet found a course, check out the complete list of F.I.I. freediving courses available in your area.