The FII Spearfishing course is a collaboration among world-renowned spearfishing and freediving experts Cameron Kirkconnell, John Dornellas, and Martin Stepanek.

This innovative course was developed to fulfill the need for spearfishing safety education in the community, with an emphasis on nurturing this craft as the most sustainable and selective method of fishing. Whether a seasoned underwater hunter or just starting out, participants leave this course armed with the skills necessary to be a well-rounded, safe and ethical hunters.

Throughout this course, students learn the knowledge and proven techniques used by world record spearfishermen and women, all delivered in a comprehensive and easy-to-learn format. The curriculum includes spearfishing safety, location safety, spearfishing equipment, hunting techniques, spearfishing ethics and catch management.

The spearfishing course manual is one of the most extensive references ever written on the craft of spearfishing.

Additional Information

Course Duration: The spearfishing course begins with five hours of classroom instruction followed by three hours of confined water training. An optional add-on spearfishing day is available in some locations offering students the opportunity to refine new techniques in their local environment.

Equipment Provided: Custom FII dummy spearguns, mock underwater structures, float and float line.

Equipment To Bring: Wetsuit, mask, snorkel, freediving fins, weight belt, weights and spearfishing gloves. Rental gear is available at most locations, please enquire with your instructor.

Course Pre-requisites: FII Level 1 Freediver or Junior Freediver. The minimum age requirement for this course is 16 years and older.

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