Training utilized by US Navy Seals, pro surfers Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Fredy Patachhia, Carlos Burle, Jamie O'Brien, Adriano De Souza and many more.

"My confidence is so much greater now. I recommend the F.I.I. Waterman Survival course to anyone who wants to enter the water. If you are engaging in some heavy sport, that's in the water, then it is essential. Do yourself a favor - take the course."  - Garrett McNamara, world record big wave surfer

This course provides groundbreaking information that changes the confidence and safety of extreme watermen and special operations units.

 This course has set a new standard of waterman safety training worldwide.

Waterman Survival Course (WMC)

Any experienced waterman will easily recall at least one moment in their lives when the power of Mother Nature's ultimate force has pushed them to their limits. Gasping for breath, they reached the surface feeling there was nothing else to give, or was there? During this groundbreaking course your certified F.I.I. Waterman Survival instructor will dispel common misconceptions and get to the bottom of the true urge to breathe. Participants will learn how to retrain their urge to breathe, increasing their CO2 tolerance and breath-hold abilities, while also mastering key specialized safety protocols to ensure effective victim management for breath-hold-related incidents in extreme conditions.

Course Duration: The WMC is held over 1 day, with a minimum of 4 hours of academics and 2 hours of pool drills.

Entry Requirements: The WMC is designed for experienced watermen with at least a medium level of in-water comfort.

To find your nearest Waterman Survival course go to the F.I.I. Instructor & Course Locator.


Waterman Survival Extended Course (WME) 

The WME incorporates the WMC and F.I.I. Level 1 Freediver certification course, thus allowing students to add-on a series of advanced open water survival depth drills.  After completing the F.I.I. Level 1 Freediver course the Waterman Survival Extended training advances a few notches and moves into a more serious and realistic open-water environment where students are taken through drills that simulate high-stress underwater disorientation training and safety scenarios. Waterman Survival training is the ultimate waterman safety training and not for the faint of heart.

Course Duration: The WME course is usually held over a period of 3 days, with 9 hours of academics, 3 hours of pool drills, and 2 hours of open-water depth drills. If you are already an F.I.I. certified freediver, please contact your WME Instructor for more information.

Entry requirements: The WME course is designed for experienced waterman of excellent health and fitness who have a medium-high/high level of in-water comfort.

To find your nearest  Waterman Survival Extended course go to the F.I.I. Instructor & Course Locator.