What It's Like to Be a F.I.I. Instructor

Becoming an F.I.I. Freediving Instructor is an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle choice for any waterman/waterwoman looking to share their passion for the sport and their belief in promoting the importance of safe, effective freediving education in their community. Once you enter the rigorous F.I.I. Instructor training, you become a member of a strong, proud, close-knit family of F.I.I. freediving professionals.

F.I.I. Instructors are in high demand worldwide, opening doors to interesting opportunities for travel to world-class freediving/spearfishing destinations and business possibilities in the ocean sports community. Whether pursuing this as a part-time job to fund your freediving/spearfishing adventures or committing to making it a full-time job, becoming an F.I.I. Instructor is an arduous, yet rewarding journey. Participants must be prepared to work hard and have a solid freediving foundation prior to entering the program.

As an F.I.I. Freediving Instructor you will run an independent teaching business utilizing proven methods backed by the full support of the agency's headquarters. F.I.I. supports you in your goals and our expert staff members are on-hand to provide assistance in all areas, from teaching to course setup. To jump start your teaching business, you will be provided with a Personalized Online Instructor Portal, allowing you to list courses on the popular F.I.I. Instructor and Course Locator and much more. F.I.I. is the only freediving education agency in the world that provides this service to their professionals, and it is all included in the F.I.I. annual membership fee.  

F.I.I. commits to providing you with unyielding support on this journey and welcomes you into a worldwide network of true freediving professionals.

For more information please contact your nearest F.I.I. Headquarters.